Legacy Power - Modular Power Systems

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Legacy Power-Cube CKD Site Energy Solutions

LPSA along with its OEM partners has pioneered the Legacy Power-Cube Site Eneregy Solution which was specifically designed to provide CKD - Complete Knock Down cost efficiency and quality Generator or Energy Equipment housings in Flat-pack form.

Our Legacy Power Cube utility housing systems are used across Africa to maximise a client’s site space efficiency and minimise the time and resources needed on-site for installation and commissioning.

After 15 years of R&D the Legacy Power-Cube was launched during 2014 and is now available through our Group Business development representatives

LPSA Modular Generator Power Cube 001   Legacy Marine Generator Power Cube Assembly LPSA Modular Power Cube Exterior  LPSA Generator Housing

Power-Cube Scope of Supply Options

Our Power-Cube Modular site energy power units can be designed and provided with the following as integral and then assembled as OEM Equipment or in component form for assembly and rigging into position on site.

  • Generator, Alternator and engine controls,
  • Cooling systems, ventilation, and AC systems,
  • Integral or free-standing fuel storage and filtration systems,
  • Thermal Insulation, Sound attenuation and Ventilation,
  • Enclosed Workshop & Spares Storage compartments,
  • Integrated Lighting and security alarm systems,
  • Access Controls and perimeter fencing.


Legacy Marine LPSA Power Cube 1 Legacy Marine LPSA Power Cube 2 Legacy Marine LPSA Power Cube 3 Legacy Marine LPSA Power Cube 4

 Power-Cube Site Energy OEM Selection Options

We pride ourselves in providing a Site Energy solution to suit our client's needs and our ancillary equipment ranges provides educated options when it comes to planning, running and managing your sites power requirements.

LPSA are in a position to offer original OEM Engine or Alternator components with ancillary equipment options including:  

  • Bulk diesel storage, filtration, seperation and transfer systems,
  • Cooling Systems, Ventilation, Rated Tropical Radiators,
  • Remote Cooling Systems and Control equipment AC systems,
  • Sound Attenuation & Silencers,
  • Power Control Systems,
  • Integrated Fire detection, protection and suppression systems,
  • Duplex and specialised DC battery starting systems.

Please contact us should you require more information in this regard.