Legacy Power - Project Management

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African Project Management Services

We provide Installation and project management services for our OEM Equipment such as Emergency Power Generators, Electrical Power Distribution Boards, Plant Automation and Pump Stations etc...project management lpsa

The cost benefits are available when combining our collective Scope of Supply in conjunction with our Group Technical Projects team.

Our preferred Project Manager partners services include:  


Power measurement,

Project management,

Design and Application acceptance, 

OBC Manufacturing Project cost reporting,

Commissioning, Operator Training and Site based Maintenance data packs,

Operating and maintenance manuals, operator training and appraisal.   


These services are particularly suited for clients who require a single supplier / contractor to assume responsibility for a project from inception to conclusion, including: 


Design, Manufacture and Supply

At Turnkey project level we can offer a full term contract covering, Diesel Power Generators, Housings, Fuel Supply Storage and Transfer, Electrical Distribution and Electrical Assemblies.

Electrical Power Analysis

We conduct advanced Power Analysis services to clients that require either the installation of standby generators, UPS’s or Power Factor Correction equipment installed on their sites.

Power Factor Correction is implemented to reduce overall Electrical Power Maximum Demand costs and to make electrical usage more efficient. Generally max demand costs can be reduced by up to 15% if there is no existing PFC system installed.


Project Tracking and Supply Logistics

Our global feedback systems ensures that no matter where you are, you can receive expert support from highly-skilled service engineers either before, during or after your acquisition.

Testing & Validation

We conclude Ex-works and on-site testing services conforming to international electrical standards and specifications. 


From installation to service and maintenance of any product supplied by us, we offer original replacement components and will assist you in the purchase, use of, and the maintenance of your equipment.

We upon request provide a full after sales support programme, which includes monthly inspections, diesel usage monitoring, refuelling and servicing at specified OEM intervals. 

Please contact us should you require more information in this regard.