Legacy Power - Automated AMF Units

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Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) and Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Units


AMF Generators are installed as a replacement source of power and will produce power automatically in the event of mains supply failure.


ATS switchgear will transfer power from mains to generator supply automatically and return to mains on resumption of mains power.

Generators will generally either be installed into a dedicated plant room or into an enclosure where protection from the elements is required. We also offer weather and sound attenuated enclosures for roof and basement placement.

Common Applications are:

  • Hospitals
  • Computer centres
  • Shopping complexes
  • Essential services
  • Any application where the requirement of power is necessary in order to sustain life or product.


Legacy Marine AMF Generators 5 Legacy Marine AMF Generators 2 Legacy Marine AMF Generators 3 Legacy Marine AMF Generators 4


These units are available from 50 kVA.