Legacy Power - Sound Attenuated Units

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Sound Attenuated Diesel Generators

LPSA provides you with an option of protecting your diesel generator with sound attenuated enclosures. 

These enclosures provide an optimal operating condition for the generators and not only limit the generator from producing high noise levels but also protect the generator from the elements.

The design ensures optimal noise level reduction using HDF sound absorption materials with highly effective ventilation.

Legacy Marine Sound Attenuated Generators 1 Legacy Marine Sound Attenuated Generators 2 Legacy Marine Sound Attenuated Generators 3 Sound Attenuated Diesel Generators

The use of this option is essential where the installation is in a residential environment or where there is a requirement that the sound level be maintained at an acceptable level so that discomfort due to noise generation is limited to below 80dB (general speech is around 65 dBA to 70 dBA)

These enclosures are extremely durable and are designed and manufactured in compliance with International Quality Standards and are based on our modular design principles while providing ease of access to the engine during maintenance activities.

Our standard range of sound-attenuated enclosures are constructed from 3CR12 stainless steel and are epoxy powder coated to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Other materials can be used as per customer requirements.

We also specialize in providing Super Silent systems that will achieve 65 dBA accoustics compliance in CKD formats. 

Please contact us should you require more information in this regard.